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(Evan Vucci / AP) As a necessary prelude to a necessary discussion, surely we all can agree that best wishes are due to the still-hospitalized House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who faces a difficult recovery from injuries suffered in the gun attack at a Republican baseball practice June 14. The same goes for the other people injured in the attack, congressional aide Zachary Barth, former House staff member Matt Mika, and Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey. Mika was shot in the chest but is recovering, and the others suffered more minor injuries. But it’s important not to overlook how Scalise’s condition illuminates two of the most important public policy issues facing our country: There are too many guns in the hands of too many unsuitable owners; and healthcare is still treated in the United States as a privilege, not a right. When you have these tragedies, unfortunately, there are people — Washington politicians — who try to take advantage of those tragedies. — Rep. Steve Scalise, April 2013, arguing against using Sandy Hook as a lesson in favor of gun control Scalise’s injury is a consequence of the first, and he’s the beneficiary of the other. They combine to create a public health crisis in America. Scalise and the GOP caucus of which he is a leader have worked assiduously to make it worse, by promoting looser gun ownership laws and reversing the gains of the Affordable Care Act . To say Scalise deserves to share blame for this situation is not to say that he deserves the punishment of a grave injury. But nor is this an occasion to ignore the policies he espouses and their relationship to the June 14 event and its aftermath.

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