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They argue that having run a department is less important than the ability to take the argument to Corbyn and to burst his bubble. Ironically, one Tory who would relish taking part in these conversations has taken himself off the field of play. George Osborne quitting parliament to edit the Evening Standard has proved almost as big a misjudgment as Theresa May’s decision to call an early election. If he had shown some patience and stayed put, May would have had to bring him back into the Cabinet after the election disaster, as she did Michael Gove. Osborne would be at the centre of events again. His exit from parliament, though, reveals something important about the character of contemporary politicians. As one Tory remarked to me at the time, his behaviour post-referendum treated politics ‘like it was a Twenty20 match, frantically swinging away’, when it is more akin to a Test Match, requiring plenty of patience. Those Tories thinking about taking a run at the top job despite a lack of ministerial experience are displaying the same failing. The next Tory leader will face an awe-inspiring set of challenges.

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