A Detailed Examination Of Locating Necessary Elements In Universal Life Insurance

Serota, president and CEO of BCBSA, said Christie's early plan "goes significantly beyond what is typically required by other states," and creates "the precise type of situation the license agreements prohibit" to ensure independence. All this was before the insurer saw a bill it believes is a bigger threat. What started as a fight about money—Christie wanted $300 million from Horizon BCBS for an opioid treatment fund—has evolved into a debate about transparency, executive pay, and what the insurer's mission should be. On Thursday, Senator Joseph Vitale, a veteran Democrat and his chamber’s healthcare expert, introduced a bill that would expand Horizon BCBS's charitable and public health mission and restore its “insurer of last resort” status, which the $12 billion insurer hasn't seen since it escaped bankruptcy a generation ago. More financial information for "health services corporations," which uniquely applies to Horizon BCBS, would be publicly available. A 1992 law revamped New Jersey’s individual market to spread the risk among multiple insurers, while increasing Horizon BCBS’s tax burden. That law laid the groundwork for the company that today insures 3.8 million people and covers 49% of the market. Many still assume Horizon BCBS is a nonprofit, but it is actually a not-for-profit that dwarfs competitors. That may be what's going on here: any move Horizon BCBS makes in New Jersey's healthcare market has an outsize effect. Many Democrats were unhappy with a tiered health plan the insurer launched in 2015, and there are rumblings that the Horizon feud is a smokescreen to bolster a competitor with political ties. While Democrats who lead New Jersey's Legislature are in no rush to let Christie touch Horizon's surplus, other arguments have touched a nerve.

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